Load shedding remains suspended, says Eskom BUT…

Load shedding will remain suspended until further notice but Eskom says Stage 2 risk remains

This past weekend, the power utility said this was due to further incremental improvement in the reliability of the generation fleet.

Load shedding has currently been suspended for 72 consecutive days, Eskom said.

The last time South Africa experienced such an extended suspension of load shedding was the period between 05 December 2021 and 02 February 2022.

“The strategic move as part of the Generation Operational Recovery Plan to improve the reliability of our generation fleet for winter 2024 through increased planned maintenance during the summer months of 2023/24 to an average of 8 000MW and between December 2023 and January 2024, where we reached an average of 18% of the generation capacity under maintenance, continues to deliver results,” Eskom said in a statement.

In April, Eskom anticipated a likely scenario of unplanned outages at 15 500MW and load shedding limited to Stage 2.

Load shedding suspended for now, says Eskom

“Our generation performance continues to surpass the winter forecast for this year. The current unplanned outages average is at 11 300MW which is 3 000MW less than what was anticipated,” said the power utility.

On Monday, Eskom implemented load reduction in Johannesburg after electricity consumption reached critical levels.

City Power implement load reduction

Despite Eskom not implementing load shedding for 10 weeks, Joburg residents will face load reduction.

“intensifying the implementation of ripple relay systems to cut electricity to geysers in homes where the system is under threat, reducing load at substations with higher consumption and those under threat, and intensifying cut-off operations against illegal connections,” said Joburg City Power.

For now, it appears Eskom has load shedding under control with winter in full swing. July is the coldest time of the year in South Africa and if the power utility can keep lights on its winter, rolling blackout could be a thing of the past.

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