Smiling after ‘really special night’ in Brooklyn

Rapper Zheani Sparkes has posted a ‘rare smile post’ on Facebook.

The post comes after completing the Brooklyn part of her Maenad Tour, which takes the singer on a tour through several world locations.

Sparkes has been around since the early 2000s, creating raw rap beats with a gothic edge.

She’s known for using darker, strong lyrics in her songs.

The artist has faced controversy before. This time, she’s back to living her best life on stage.

Here’s more about the Australian rapper.

Zheani Sparkes: Smiling after ‘really special night’

Zheani Sparkes shared a ‘rare smile post’ to Facebook.

The rapper, known for her dark lyrics and gothic beats, posted the selfie after completing her Brooklyn show. The show forms part of the larger Maenad Tour, which covers several locations in the United States.

Fans have shown their support in the comments section.

She has reason to smile, with her latest song already reaching into thousands of plays. So far, the tour also seems to be going well.

Zheani has come a long way since her first EP.

Zheani Sparkes: The Maenad Tour

The Maenad Tour is named after Maenad, the female version of the Greek God, Dionysus.

Reddit fans have complimented the star for getting up after facing media controversy. She’s ignoring the haters and moving on.

New merchandise and songs accompany the tour, giving fans something to write home about.

She’s just released a new collaboration, ‘Spoils of War’.

If the song is any indication of the tour’s success, it’s going to take off.

Some international locations have already sold out.

Zheani Sparkes: Starting the artist

Zheani Sparkes is famous for pulling no lyrical punches.

Her dark style reminds of Skunk Anansi and Faithless packed into one album – or several.

‘I Hate People on the Internet’ and ‘The Spiritual Meat Grinder’ leaves no holy cows or unturned stones.

She’s good, and she knows it.

Finally she’s showing haters her best smile, while the tour’s other tickets are selling out fast.

Hitting your playlists yet?

Zheani Sparkes hails from Australia, but fast achieved international fame with her albums and lyrics.

Have you added any Sparkes songs to your playlist?

Are you going to?

It’s just a matter of time before there’s an Amapiano remix.

But who is going to make it?

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