Emfuleni Municipality continues efforts to tackle water contamination

The Emfuleni Local Municipality Water Service Unit, in collaboration with Rand Water, has announced significant strides in solving the issue of water contamination.

According to SABC, the Emfuleni Local Municipality in Gauteng confirmed that water in some parts of the Vaal area, including Sebokeng Zone 7, Palm Springs, Beverley Hills, Lakeside, and Everton, has been contaminated. Technicians believe a collapsed sewer pipeline is the cause of the contamination.

Following diligent efforts to unblock sewer manholes suspected of causing the contamination, additional water samples taken since Thursday, 28 March, have shown improved results.

Lab results positive, water still unsafe in multiple areas

Despite positive laboratory findings, authorities caution residents in multiple areas, including Beverley Hills, Sonder Water, Graceland, Palm Springs, Lakeside, Zone 3, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8, Small farms, Evaton, Evaton North, and West, that the water remains unsafe for consumption.

The municipality emphasises the importance of refraining from using tap water for drinking purposes. It advises boiling water before use to mitigate health risks.

“The municipality continues to urge affected consumers to avoid using tap water for consumption and to boil it before use,” said Emfuleni Municipality.

Furthermore, in the public notice released by the municipality, they appeal for understanding and collaboration from affected residents as technicians work tirelessly to restore normal water supply. The municipality assures residents that it will promptly communicate updates as new developments unfold, expressing regret for any inconvenience caused.

Efforts to rectify the water contamination problem

Efforts to rectify the water contamination problem underscore the municipality’s dedication to safeguarding public health. They also ensure access to clean and potable water for all residents.

As the situation evolves, authorities continue to prioritise transparency and timely communication to keep residents informed.

The Emfuleni Municipality remains steadfast in its commitment to addressing the water contamination issue comprehensively. It underscores the importance of collective efforts in safeguarding public health and well-being.

This article will be updated once there are new developments.


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