Kaizer Chiefs featured in American Truck Simulator!

The Kaizer Chiefs have built up a strong brand, and it’s become one that you could recognize almost anywhere in the world. Internationally known, this football club has risen through the ranks to become a top brand – with hoodies, shirts, and now coverage in the world of video games.

If you’re a real fan of Amakhosi, you can find the famous football club’s logo as a modification in American Truck Simulator for PC.

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A small change to the game means that you get to kit out your trick with the Amakhosi kit, changing the appearance of your truck to something that’s a little more local.

Check out the football team featured in the video game, and let us know what other things you’ve seen included as game modifications.

The Kaizer Chiefs have just launched their new brand of branded chips, which are both tasty and let you show your support for your favourite football team.

A fan has gone one step further, and created a custom Chiefs truck for the video game American Truck Simulator.

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The small modification is meant as a nod to the team, where the game’s goal is to drive trucks (and their cargo) safely across several known United States roads and highways.

If you have American Truck Simulator or just want to see where Amakhosi gets featured, it can be downloaded here at modsats.

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The in-game truck sports their logo on the side, with a view of the players from the back.

More about the Kaizer Chiefs

The Kaizer Chiefs are also known as Amakhosi, making one of South Africa’s favourite football teams – even if they don’t always win the match, we still love our team!

If you didn’t know, the team was founded in 1970 – with their founding location listed as the FNB Stadium.

After playing as a striker for the Atlanta Chiefs, the founder came back to Southern Africa to found the team we know today as the Kaizer Chiefs.

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The name is a tribute to his local heritage, mixed with international experiences that would culminate in the beginnig of the club.

Bet nobody guessed they would feature in a video game!

Other local game modifications

This isn’t the only modification for a game that gives it a local flavour. Grand Theft Auto (GTA) can also be changed up with the Mzansi Mod – which adds elements like the Volkswagen Golf and taxi ranks to the game.


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