Natasha Joubert Crowned Miss South Africa 2023 in Spectacular Event Sponsored by Mofaya Energy Drink

In a dazzling spectacle of grace and beauty, Natasha Joubert of Gauteng was crowned Miss South Africa 2023 at the prestigious Sun Bet Arena, Time Squares Menlyn, in Tshwane. This momentous event, held on Sunday, August 13th, captivated the nation as Ndavi Nokeri of Limpopo gracefully passed on her crown to Natasha, who proved herself as the epitome of beauty, intelligence, and charisma.

One of the highlights of this year’s Miss South Africa pageant was the event’s sponsor, Mofaya Energy Drink. Known as “an energy drink for the people, by the people,” Mofaya has become a beloved brand nationwide in South Africa. Its presence at the pageant added an electrifying energy to an already vibrant occasion, showcasing its commitment to empowering and energizing individuals across the country.

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The Miss South Africa 2023 pageant, made even more spectacular with Mofaya Energy Drink’s sponsorship, not only celebrated beauty but also highlighted the importance of energy, vibrancy, and empowerment. Natasha Joubert’s coronation as Miss South Africa 2023 marks the continuation of a legacy that inspires women across the nation to reach for their dreams and embrace their true potential. Head over to BulkChoice in Crown Mines and Rustenburg to grab your stash of Mofaya Energy Drink.

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