Vodacom 4U – For all your tech needs

Vodacom 4U is the ultimate one-stop shop for all of your tech purchases.

Created 15 years ago in line with Vodacom’s vision to target a younger audience, Vodacom 4U provides all the products and solutions that meet their specific needs.

This includes everything young South Africans could possibly require to stay connected – from fast connectivity solutions, to excellent devices, to affordable insurance.

It also boasts a range of business solutions that are ideal for young entrepreneurs who want to grow their startups with high-quality technology solutions.

We unpack the extensive range of products and services you can get from Vodacom 4U, below.

Excellent connectivity

Vodacom 4U offers a wide range of affordable Fibre, LTE, and 5G solutions.

These products offer super-fast download speeds, lag-free gaming, and buffer-free streaming on the award-winning Vodacom network.

A range of flexible contract plans are then available to get you online.

For added convenience, all these deals come with free installation, too.

SIM-only and device contracts

Vodacom 4U provides a vast suite of excellently-priced SIM-only and smartphone contracts.

Its Samsung, Apple, HUAWEI, Nokia, and OPPO smartphone contracts offer great value for money. If you already have a smartphone, you can get a SIM-only deal, too.

SIM-only deals come with monthly data allocations ranging from 15GB to 2TB – all of which are available on affordable contracts.

Device contracts are also available on laptops and tablets from top brands like ASUS, Lenovo, Huawei, and HP.

Vodacom 4U regularly runs Red Hot Deals that provide even more savings on specific contracts – so make sure to check the Vodacom 4U website regularly.

Business deals

Vodacom 4U offers a range of affordable tech deals targeted at startups and entrepreneurs.

Its Vodacom Business LTE packages provide stable Internet speeds of up to 30Mbps, with the option to upgrade your connection as your business grows and its needs increase.

You can equip your employees with high-quality smartphones, laptops, and tablets, too.

These contracts come with all the data and airtime these employees need to perform key business tasks.


When your purchase a new smartphone, you can insure it with Vodacom 4U.

Device cover starts at only R20pm, with additional contract cover – which covers your contract expense in the event of death – also available.

This is in addition to Vodacom 4U funeral and life cover.

Funeral cover is available for values ranging from R10,000 to R50,000, while life cover is available with personalised premiums based on your risk profile and personal circumstances.

Vodacom 4U truly offers it all – so whether you’re looking for a new smartphone, data deal, or insurance, contact Vodacom 4U today.

Click here to learn more about Vodacom 4U.

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