Dealership finally agrees to replace customer’s Hyundai that was stolen from service centre

Hyundai has finally agreed to replace the car of a customer after it was stolen while getting a service at one of its dealerships.

Randburg resident, Justice Mariba, confirmed that he will receive his new car in the next two weeks after Hyundai eventually agreed to replace the vehicle that was stolen while in their care.

But the victory was won not without a fight.

Mariba took to Twitter to tell of how he had taken his 2021 Hyundai Grand i10 to the dealership for a service on 28 February 2023.

“I dropped it off. And they gave me a ride to work. Later on during the day, I gave them a call to find out if I can come collect the car, and they told me that it’s not ready; they still waiting for the approval,” he tweeted.

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Mariba went on to explain how after numerous calls back and forth, he finally agreed to leave the car overnight and would collect it in the morning.

However, when he went to collect his car, the keys could not be found. When checking the cameras, the dealership discovered that the car had been driven out of its lot at around 5pm the day before.

He said that he then contacted his tracking company, but they informed him that the tracking device was disabled.

Hyundai said it’s not liable

After checking in with the guard at the exit, it was discovered that the person who drove out of the premises with Mariba’s car did not have a driver’s license to scan. The guard then took an image of the man before letting him leave.

Mariba has since posted the image on his social media account.

When Mariba confronted the dealership about this, he was told that they were not liable for the car and told him to open a case at the police station, before laying a claim with his insurance.

But Mariba’s woes were only to be multiplied. The police informed him that it was the dealership’s duty to report the incident, but the dealership refused to do so. He then sent a letter of complaint to the head office.

Hyundai head office response

In an email, they responded: “We refer to the above matter and acknowledge receipt of your complaint against Hyundai Fourways, dated 8 March 2023.

“We do not wish to deal with each and every allegation contained therein and our failure to do so, should not be construed as an admission of the correctness thereof and all our rights are strictly reserved.

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“When you booked your vehicle with the Dealership for a battery check and replacement, we concluded an agreement with you in terms whereof clause 1.2 specially states that the risk of damage or loss of the goods will remain my risk at all times and the ASR will only be held responsible for any direct losses or damages, directly or indirectly attributable to its gross negligence.

“There has been no gross negligence on the part of Hyundai Fourways, its employees or service providers. Hyundai Fourways, at all times, exercised a duty of care and the theft of the vehicle cannot be attributed to the actions of Hyundai Fourways, its employees or service providers.

“Hyundai Fourways is therefore not liable to compensate you for the loss and/or damage that you have suffered and we suggest that you lodge a claim with your insurance company.”

The dealership did, however, as a ‘gesture of goodwill’ offered to pay the excess levied by his insurance.

It was then that Mariba took to social media to vent.

Speaking to The Citizen, Mariba told of how he had received an overwhelming response from both experts and citizens who felt that Hyundai was in the wrong.

Mariba soon acquired the services of a lawyer who agreed to help him with a lawsuit against Hyundai.

However, before any legal action was instituted, Mariba said that Hyundai contacted him, informing him that they were willing to replace the vehicle.

“They have offered me the same model vehicle in the same colour, but just a later model,” he said.

Mariba said he was relieved that the traumatic experience was finally behind him and he could move on from the unfortunate incident.

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