South African Mint roars with new leopard addition to Big 5 coin collection

South African Reserve Bank subsidiary – the South African Mint Company – has announced it will be adding the leopard to the penultimate collection in the second series of the popular Big 5 collectable range of coins.

The Big 5 coin collection is a celebration of Southern Africa’s rich wildlife and the iconic five animals that symbolise Africa’s pride.

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Honey Mamabolo, Managing Director of the South African Mint, said that demand trends have observed that the Big 5 collection is now firmly entrenched among the world’s most coveted numismatic offerings.

It is a coin range we are immensely proud of, that we will continue to innovate in order to maintain its relevance for years to come.

“We have, of course, set very high standards for product longevity with the Krugerrand, and can only hope to emulate this success with newer products such as the Big 5,” Mamabolo said.

Gold, silver and platinum

Mamabolo confirmed that the Leopard coins will be made available in gold, silver and platinum.

She explained that the latest series offers collectors a subtle design change with the portrait of the animal on the obverse side of the coins.

The reverse design remains the same throughout the two series: two halves of the animal’s face, which complete and form a full face when two or more coins are placed side-by-side,” she said.

In addition to the full face of the leopard on the obverse of the Leopard coins, are the words “Big Five 2023” and the South African coat of arms, signifying their status as legal tender.

The South African Mint company has upheld its reputation for producing coins of exceptional design and technical quality with the latest collection.

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In March last year, the South African Mint company launched the lion design in the second series of the Big Five coin range, and the elephant the year before that.

The company intends to also introduce the buffalo at a later stage. The company elected to release the leopard design to highlight certain characteristics that South African society could be inspired by.

“The leopard’s exceptionally acute vision and genius for camouflage make it a cunning hunter.

“These are the very characteristics we need to rebuild in a post-pandemic economy. We will conclude series II with the Buffalo coin collection later in the year, and our design team is already hard at work conceptualising series III,” concluded Mamabolo.

*Compiled by Devina Haripersad

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