No more E-tolls in 2023

Gauteng motorists have started 2023 on a high note following the announcement to deactivate the e-tolls billing system.


The Gauteng Provincial Government led by Premier Panyaza Lesufi made the announcement yesterday, Saturday, 31 December 2022.

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In a statement, the Provincial government wrote:

31 December 2022, was pencilled as the day to deactivate the e-tolls billing system. However, due to the need to finalise key components of the MOU between the National Government and the Provincial Government, the matter will be finalised in the new year (2023).

“Premier Panyaza Lesufi wishes to assure Gauteng residents that there is no turning back on doing away with e-tolls.”

Gauteng Provincial Government

The Premier is thrilled by the progress made thus far by the technical team that has been assigned with deactivating the e-tolls billing system.
Lastly, the notice to switch off the e-tolls will be gazetted, with the switch-off taking place 14 days after the release of the gazette.

The gazette will be released in early 2023, as agreed by the national Department of Transport.


In a meeting held in November 2022, Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi met with the Finance Minister and SANRAL to conclude the province’s contribution to closing the e-toll debt.

In the meeting, the province said it will contribute nearly R13 billion towards the decommissioning of the e-tolls.

It was also reported that the provincial government will be using different revenue streams in the form of a hybrid model.
Premier spokesperson Vuyo Mhaga said Gauteng will undergo a consultative process with residents in the province on the hybrid model.
He added that the provincial government will negotiate a long-term repayment period on the 30% debt.

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Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) welcomed this move, saying, “this year, we finally conquered the battle against #eTolls so forget Santa, bring your 2023 wishlist to #OUTA and we will tackle all your issues against corruption and maladministration”.

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