All glowed up: Yoco’s latest feature evolution

Here’s what you should know:

Glow up # 1: Product Catalogue

Now you can pre-enter your products on the Yoco App or the Portal to reflect on your Khumo to make ringing up a sale super easy – and fast. Simply choose from a complete, detailed list of your products – including variants like size, colour, or brand.

Say bye to calculators and hello to happy customers

No more manually calculating bill totals, (or awkwardly trying to do maths in your head) while your customer waits. Your customers can now tap to pay for your amazing service or fabulous products you sell.

Track your sales and easily identify which products are outshining the rest

If you’re unable to match a product to a sale, identify which products fly off the shelves. Luckily for you, your Khumo can now do all the work for you. 

Protect sensitive info by managing permissions

Keep private information safe from prying eyes setting up different permissions for different staff. These can be changed at any time and will immediately reflect on the Khumo – so if you need a stand-in at the last minute, or a well-deserving member of staff gets a promotion, they can access the functionalities they need to go forth and shine.

Always connected

Stay hooked up with unlimited free 4G data (for life), or connect to WiFi just as easily. The Khumo Print comes with two powerful 4G SIM cards from MTN and Vodacom, so you’re always connected to the best network, no matter where you are or where you’re going.

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Glow up #2: Seamless online tools 

Yoco’s Online Payment Suite offers a selection of online payment solutions, with the right fit for your needs, no matter how you do business. 

Yoco Online Payment suite 

This feature enables the self-employed to securely accept online payments, as well as easily track and reconcile all invoices and payments whether in-person or online. There are three solutions: Pay by Link, Payment Gateway, and Gift Vouchers

Manage your Invoices better

Keep sales in one place. Customers can track every sale in the Yoco App with easy follow-ups and automatic payment notifications. Yoco Invoices also automatically includes a Yoco Link and a QR code, enabling your customers to pay quickly, easily, and safely. You can also include your banking details if they’re a fan of EFTs.

Yoco Business Portal 

This tool comes free alongside any Yoco card machine. All sales made through Yoco Point of Sale (card, cash, AFT, mobile payments and more) are tracked in the Portal. It enables business owners to keep track of performance week by week and manage every element of their business, from products in their inventory, to the price of products, staff access and more. Yoco’s Online Payment Suite is accessible via Business Portal. 

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