Here are the dates for Easter, Ramadan, and Freedom Day in April 2022

We hope that you all enjoyed your Human Rights Day – or Sharpeville Day, as some call it – on Monday. For those of you lucky enough to have the day off work, we congratulate you on your four-day week… and there’s more to come in April. The dates for Easter, Ramadan AND Freedom Day have now been confirmed.

Easter, Ramadan and Freedom Day – when will they take place?

In total, there will be THREE public holidays for South Africa within the next five weeks. Meanwhile, Ramadan is set to last for almost the entirety of April. This will then be followed by Eid at the start of May.

Easter, as the second-largest Christian holiday on the calendar, will give us the ultimate long weekend. Public holidays will be observed on Friday AND the following Monday, meaning your out-of-office can stay on for four days.

Little over one week later, we get another midweek public holiday – as Freedom Day brings our month of observances to a close. Workers Day soon follows, but that’s slated for the first week of May.

What date is Easter in April 2022?

Good Friday will fall on Friday 15 April, and Easter Monday – also known as Family Day in Mzansi – will be observed on Monday 18 April. Easter Saturday and Sunday will take place on 16 and 17 April respectively.

When is Ramadan? Official dates for April 2022…

The holy Islamic event is set to begin on the evening of Saturday 2 April, when the next crescent moon is seen in the sky. This date is subject to change, but for now, Muslims must prepare for for their fast to start within the next 12 days.

What date is Freedom Day this year?

On Wednesday 27 April, South Africans will be treated to another public holiday. Freedom Day is coming up soon, and it’s another chance to get the braai fired up. Hey, we’ll take it…

Easter dates confirmed – but when are the next public holidays in South Africa?

  • 1 May: Not a public holiday as such, but this is when Eid is likely to take place
  • 1 May: Workers Day will be observed, which falls on a Sunday
  • 2 May: The public holiday for Workers Day, however, will take place on the Monday
  • 16 June: Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but there’s also Youth Day coming up within the next few months.

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