Armed robbery in progress at Centurion Mall, bystander killed – reports

An armed robbery and shootout is reportedly currently in progress at Centurion Mall. 

Emer-g-med confirmed in a Twitter post they responded to reports of an armed robbery, and found off-duty medical staff performing resuscitation efforts on a bystander who was shot in the incident.

The paramedics said the patient succumbed to his injuries. 

The incident was first reported by crime expert Yusuf Ambramjee and the crime scene is currently still active. 

Caxton publication Centurion Rekord reported that two people were treated at the scene. 

The other injured bystander fell while running while the robbery, reportedly at a jewellery store in the mall, was taking place. 

Centurion Mall’s spokesperson also confirmed the armed robbery to Centurion Rekord

No information has yet been provided by police. 

The incident was confirmed by a number of bystanders at Centurion Mall.

Updates to follow as more information is made available. 

Compiled by Nica Richards

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