Mazibuko, Masuku apologise for chicken feet video

Gauteng MEC for community safety Faith Mazibuko and Joburg MMC for corporate and shared services Loyiso Masuku have apologised after a video of their door-to-door campaigning surfaced.

In the video shared by SABC journalist Samkele Maseko, Mazibuko, Masuku and others can be seen eating chicken feet during their campaign in Johannesburg on Wednesday as they talk about the long day they just had.

While Mazibuko says she bought the chicken feet to support the local economy, Masuku can be heard saying “for the sake of the vote” as a young boy watches them.

The politicians have been criticised on social media, with some questioning why they did not share their food with the child who was standing behind them.

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However, Masuku says the video does not show the full context. She said there is another video which shows the child eating as well.

“We made a quick stop for food because we were really hungry and had been working throughout the day going door-to-door creating awareness of the by-elections and voting process. The clip has been cut and shows only bits and pieces without the full context,” Masuku said in a statement.

“The child next to us was with the woman from whom we bought amanqina. An earlier part of the clip showing the child eating is also available.”

She said the comment about the votes was also taken out of context. She said she did not buy the chicken for the sake of votes as understood.

“The comment about ‘for the sake of the vote’ was in reference to working long hours doing our elections campaign work and not in any way to voters. To an extent where I asked cde Faith why the amanqina [chicken feet] are red and she said they have chilli and I told her I don’t eat chilli food but because I’m starving let me try,” she said.

“It was in no way directed at anybody and I sincerely apologise for the misunderstanding.”

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Responding to the criticism on social media, Mazibuko said the group bought food because they were hungry and not to buy votes.

“It is well known that wherever I go I buy food from the community to support the local economy. Vetkoeks are my favourite. However, I apologise for some of the distasteful words spoken in the video.”

Responding to a social media user who asked her why she ate the food in front of a child, Mazibuko said she did not see him.

“I am apologising for my mistake because I am human. We make mistakes and when you know you are wrong, the right thing to do is to apologise ,” she said.

Watch the video below:

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